• RM4Tech is a family-owned and family-run software development
    company. We began our journey in 2012 developing websites for
    small businesses. RM4Tech LLC was incorporated in May 2017.
    Our mission is to affordably innovate and revolutionize people's
    lives through software while retaining our roots of a family-owned
    and family-operated business. RM4Tech was founded by and is
    comprised of Ryan, Rhonda, Riley, and Reid Moore.

    Two of the founders, Ryan and Rhonda, as young software systems
    engineers grew with a Silicon Valley start-up from twenty
    employees to well over eight hundred. RM4Tech sticks to these
    roots that Ryan and Rhonda were exposed to over 30 years ago.
    Ideas like: 'The current customer is your best customer.' and
    'Is it fair, is it reasonable, is it honest?' These inherent
    cultural values were passed along to their sons, Riley and Reid.

About Us

RM4Tech name was derived from the 4 R Moores, Ryan, Rhonda, Riley, and Reid. As each of these are important, our logo was especially created to emphasize this. Our products from idea conception to customer implementation are completely done by some part of the "4 Rs".

Our first product, TableTop Buddy, is a mobile app. This was an idea from the youngest R, Reid. He is a table top gamer and sometimes would forget to bring his dice or pencil and pad to keep score. Our second product, DirectSuggest, is a web-based and mobile application product. It was an idea from the eldest son, Riley, who thought of this by watching one of our favorite TV shows, Undercover Boss. We have a list of ideas that each family member can add to, that as a company we assess to determine which one has the best chance of becoming a "hit".

Once an idea is agreed upon by the family, product design begins. Ryan and Riley begin by sketching web or app pages on paper and deciding on the process of the product. Then our senior design engineer and developer, Ryan, takes over and begins to develop the product. He breaks off pieces to give to our young software engineers, Riley and Reid. This process continues until the developers think the product is complete.

Next our senior test engineer, Rhonda, takes over. She comes up with pages of questions, potential design issues, and potential bugs/problems. These are discussed with the senior design engineer and changes are made, if necessary.

User instructions for the product are written by our senior technical writers, Ryan and Rhonda.

Then content creation begins. This includes high level descriptions of the product and processes, snapshots of the product, marketing videos, blogs, webinars, EBooks, etc.. Again, all of this is done by the family.

Once the product is completed and ready to sell, Riley focuses on marketing. He formulates marketing plans, sends out targeted emails, and runs the social media portion of the product.

As a family business we all pitch in where necessary to get the job done.

The RM4Tech Family

    Ryan Moore
  • Bachelor Degree, Computer Science / Mathematics, San Jose State University, 1983. Chief Information Officer / Owner. Over 30 years of experience in software design and development, systems engineering, IT management, and project management. Off hours spent landscaping, gardening, reading, refining his Star Trek collection, and playing soccer.
  • Rhonda Moore
  • Bachelor Degree, Computer Science / Mathematics, Point Loma College, 1981. Chief Financial Officer / Owner. 25 years of experience in software design and development, program management, project management, financial management and analysis, and controller. Loves to garden, play games on her tablet, take walks with the family dog, and spend time with her husband and family.
  • Riley Moore
  • Bachelor Degree, Information Technology / Minor, Computer Science / Minor, Business Management, California State University Channel Islands, 2017. Chief Executive Officer / Software Engineer / Owner. Riley is the eldest son of Rhonda and Ryan. Interests include reading, listening to podcasts, entrepreneurship, and socializing with friends. Riley is inspired by his Father, Grandfather, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Conor McGregor.
  • Reid Moore
  • Associate's Degree, Computer Science, Sierra College, 2018. Chief Software Engineer / Owner. Reid is the youngest son of Rhonda and Ryan. Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for academic excellence, he is currently in the process of transferring and obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. Interests outside of school and programming include Anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and Table Top Gaming.



DirectSuggest is the second product developed by RM4Tech. This connects your decision makers directly to your employees and makes it simple for an employee to make suggestions. Using any computer or device, employees are able to make suggestions that could benefit your business in a range of ways. DirectSuggest is the modern version of the old fashion "suggestion box" with the assurance that ideas actually arrive where needed. Getting suggestions from the employees of your business is something that has been found invaluable by more than a hundred companies featured on a well-known broadcast undercover reality television show. Each DirectSuggest suggestion is linked to the employee who made that suggestion and is delivered to the correct key decision maker. This prevents suggestions being "lost" at an intermediate managerial level in your business. It also allows decision makers to identify employees who could be valuable missing assets.


CrowdQuestion is a new social communication platform connecting crowds to bring everyone closer together and enhancing any occasion in the digital or physical world. Rather than being a social media platform focused on content and advertising, we are focused on communication and connection.

Hosts of any occasion or with a Crowd of followers can create Channels to hold Events. They can provide robust information for every Event by including embedded webpages or using our Rich-Text/HTML Editor and enable Q&A in audio, video, or written format before, during, after, or some combination of the three. Questions are displayed in an ordered list from highest to lowest rank based on their votes to assist in showing what the Crowd is most curious about, saving time.

Members of the Crowd can follow Hosts and Channels, interact and stay on top of events, engage with Hosts daily on the feed, and grow their own Crowd of friends and family to engage with daily through the feed.

Our feed is designed to enhance engagement. Ask your Crowd and Host’s daily feed questions in audio, video, or written format. Answer feed questions from your Crowd in audio, video, or written format. Send daily feed announcements to keep people in the loop and share content using our Rich-Text/HTML editor with countless embeddable integrations.

We provide many other additional features, including creating profiles by linking a webpage or using our Rich-Text/HTML editor as well as Hosts exporting information about their followers, including their name and email so they can reach out beyond the platform.

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